Our roots are in this valley, the Mezzane Valley, where our family decided to return to its calling of wine producers, and it is precisely from our family that we—my sister and I—learned to respect labor and the Earth. We are passionate about this place and the wine seems like a ferryboat that takes us around the world and speaks of where we come from. Every time we take a bottle with us, we taste it with someone and we talk about it, we tell our story, about our job and the choice we made. We also convey our personality, our way of thinking, what the concept of wine means to us, and how we wish to take care of the craftsmanship inside of each bottle.

Alessandro & Beatrice Benini

Our Philosophy

The expression kalós kaì agathós comes from Greek and is usually translated as “beautiful and good”. Kalós is outer beauty, while agathós is moral beauty, that of wholesome values. This phrase carries the ideals of physical beauty and moral beauty all-in-one. We feel that being kalós kaì agathós means meeting both ideals at the same time and seeking this harmony in our work, to then express it in our wines.
We love to listen to nature, observe, comprehend, and then interact with it absolutely respectfully. The quality of what we do in the vineyard is the most important part, and once the grapes get to the cellar the meticulous work on the raw material begins to best conserve its natural characteristics. The work in the cellar becomes a task of interpretation, perceptiveness, and devotion to achieve harmonious, close-focused, and balanced wine. Our job is to make wine with a strong identity, that is well-balanced and that tells of our territory as it is today. Softness and a fresh verve characterize our Soave wine. Fruit and elegance are the elements that contradistinguish the Valpolicella wine. We are right where these two designations of origin meet, and we like to follow our urge to create spontaneous, contemporary wine.

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